KMS-053 Palm Leaves V3 Small

7 ultra-thin, flexible foil palm leaves

This set contains 7 ultra-thin palm leaves, precision-cut from ultra-thin yet strong and flexible foil.

  • KMS-053 Palm Leaves V3 Small
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This set contains 7 ultra-thin palm leaves, precision-cut from ultra-thin yet strong and flexible foil.
This material is easy and quick to work with and yields highly realistic results.

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<p>These ferns, or ground-palms, are found on jungle soil worldwide. They can be used as tropical mini-palms if mounted on scratchbuilt or ready-bought stems, and in smaller scales as giant “tree-ferns” like appearing in Papua, New-Zealand and Hawaii.</p>

2 x 10 leaves

P350108 Fern #2

<p>Yuccas, or “pineapple-plants”, while American/Mexican in origin, grow in the wild in large numbers in Mediterranean Europe. They can reach huge, tree-like proportions – so you could use this set in smaller scales like 1:48 and even 1:72 as well.<br />
Roll the strips around a pin or the point of your tweezers, secure the base with a drop of superglue to keep from unraveling – and curl the leaves/blades with tweezers to attain a nice curve.<br />
Also ideal to quickly and effectively make tall, bladed grasses, high waterside- weeds and jungle-bromeliads which grow on vines and in trees.<br />
<br />
<br />
Design © : Lucas Gargoloff.<br />
CLEARANCE item: 50% off (€3,00 instead of €6,00).</p>

3 x 12 spiky tufts - CLEARANCE: 50% off

P350110 Yucca

<p>This set is cut from brown paper, which makes painting them as light, “dried” leaves easier. They can be used for both palm-trees and -plants, depending if you mount them to a trunk or use them on their own.<br />
Care is advised when handling these as their fineness makes them quite delicate. <br />
<br />
Design © : Lucas Gargoloff.</p>

14 ultra-fine lasercut leaves in 2 different sizes

P350115 Dry Palm Leaves

<p>This very popular decorative “holey”plant originates from Mexico and South-America, but is also widely spread in the tropics, including Asia. It grows both vertically (up trees) forming large, trailing “air roots”, as well as horizontally (on the ground), with no stems visible at all. A plant with high diorama potential. <br />
<br />
Design © : Lucas Gargoloff.</p>

2 x 10 leaves

P350104 Monstera


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