About Yenmodels

We are a Belgium-based scale modelling-webshop offering an assortment of 1:35th scale diorama-related kits, -accessories and -materials by various brands and designers.

Our assortment’s exact nature is diverse, ranging from laser-cut wooden furniture and acrylic brick molds to photo-etched tool sets, but our core-concept is unambigious: to offer quality products by and for modellers, in the literal sense of the word: each item is designed and developed, produced and marketed by independent, passionate modellers.

A jewelry designer by trade, and modeller since childhood, Yen started out launching “LSG Europe Laser Kits” during the legendary Scale Model Challenge-event in Veldhoven (NL) in 2015, then continued as “Yenmodels” after having expanded the range with Kartonmodels, Powertex, JoeFix and YM’s “private label”. More brands and products are continuously being added and developed.

Rumour has it that SMC 2018 will see the premiere of a most special brand among the ranks, as well as a cooperation with an exclusive miniatures-company.


Yenmodels proudly carries:



A large range of laser-cut kits and -accessories in varous materials (plywood, laserboard, paper), by modeller Lucas Gargoloff (La Plata, Argentina). YenModels is the exclusive European dealer for Lucas’ brand, importing and re-packaging all items with English instructions.
LSG’s assortment comprises a wooden accessories-range, an urban accessories-range and a foliage-range, as well as some stand-alone items like their popular acrylic brick- and tilemolds.



Razorsharp brass and alpaca photo-etch sets by the well-known modeller couple Michal Dostal and Marcela Dostalova from the Czech Republic.
The range includes AFV-oriented items like fine grids, wingnuts and dashboard instrument frames, and highly detailed toolsets, buckets and paintcans that are model kits in their own right.




A selection of products developed for the fine arts-field, ideally suitable for diorama-modelling, by Brigitte Grade's Powertex International (Vilvoorde/Koninglo, Belgium): great media for groundwork and scenery-modelling and a small range of fine, plaster-cast miniature Buddhas.

* The pastes- and pigments-range is discontinued as from Spring, 2018. All items are on sale at 50% off and stock will not be replenished: gone = gone.



YenModels' own “private label” is a range of lasercut architectural elements and dio-accessories in various scales and materials.
It is designed and produced right in YM's home-town, Ghent (Belgium).


JoeFix from Sint-Kruis, Belgium (practically Yen’s neighbour) is widely known for his foliage-products; less so for their excellent series of photo-etch toolsets, ammobelts and barbed-wire, and the latex “bolt mold”. Yenmodels is proud to carry these.

About Yen

A jewelry designer by trade and a miniature modeller at heart, Yen decided to turn his passion into his profession: starting his own online modelling-shop, in October 2016.
He formed an alliance with Argentina-based designer and lasercutter Lucas Gargoloff, making LSG Laser Kits' products available to the European public under the name LSG Europe Laser Kits. These were very  well received during the company's launch at Scale Model Challenge in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.
More alliances with independent companies run by modellers and artists followed over the succeeding months, culminating into the assortment you are free to browse to your heart's desire in this very webshop.
September 2017 saw the release of the first items marketed under our very own "premium label", predictably called Yenmodels.
More will be added to this range soon and at regular intervals... and there's more... so stay tuned :)

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