About Yenmodels

Yenmodels is a miniature modelling-webshop based on “curated commerce”.
The central theme is diorama-related kits, -accessories and -materials – predominantly in 1:35th scale, but including some multiscale-items.
The core concept, applicable to the entire assortment is: “by and for modellers”.
The exact nature of our featured products, with many varied items ranging from complete laser-cut kits to separate scale leaves, is taken loosely; the concept is not:
each and every item in our shop is designed and developed (and tried and tested) by independent, passionate modellers and artists.
Our products are a direct result of our personal commitment to our hobby, creations and art.
We don't just sell things; we make them and use them ourselves, every step of the way - from our workbenches to yours.

Yenmodels proudly carries:



LSG Laser Kits is a range of precision laser-cut kits and accessories, designed and produced by diorama- and AFV-modeller Lucas Gargoloff (La Plata, Argentina).
An artist with the laser, Lucas' excels in offering easy-to-assemble, well thought-out and very effective kits in lightweight materials (plywood, MDF, laserboard, paper).
Yenmodels is the exclusive European dealer for this brand, carrying the full 1:35 range with the addendum "Europe" in the logo.
After being shipped over the ocean to Belgium, all items are re-packaged with English instructions for the European market.



Razorsharp photo-etch sets in brass and alpaca/white copper, by well-known AFV-modellers and diorama-builders Michal Dostal, Marcela Dostalova and Jindrich Urba, from Rychnow u Jablonce in the Czech Republic.
The assortment includes tool sets, separate leaves, and AFV-oriented items like ultra-fine grids and dashboard instrument frames.



A selection of products developed for the fine arts-field, that have proven ideally suitable for diorama-modelling, by Brigitte Grade's Powertex International (Vilvoorde/Koninglo, Belgium). Apart from some great media for groundwork and scenery-modelling, like their "Powertex Universal" Medium, "EasyStructure" modelling-paste, and "Stone Art" ultra-fine-grained papier-maché, we also carry their waterproof "Easyvarnish"waterproof varnish, "Powercolor" pigments, "Rusty Powder" and a small range of fine, plaster-cast miniature Buddhas.



Our own brandnew "private label" Yenmodels-range of 1:35th scale architectural elements and dio-accessories, by various independent designers.
The first items available were our ultra-fine lasercut church-windows and quatrefoil grids in lightweight yet durable, architectural grade silkboard, made right here in Belgium - with love :) !
The range now consists of 7 different items and is constantly growing - so stay tuned for new releases.


Our good friend Joeri Michiels' (Sint-Kruis, Belgium) brand JoeFix-Studio's is well-known among scale-modellers for his extensive range of miniature foliage, resin kits and multi-media accessories. We are very happy to carry a special selection of these last ones, in the shape of AFV-related PE-sets, barbed wire, ammo belts and the exclusive silicon Bolt Mold, which enables you to cast handfuls of detailed bolts in various sizes.

About Yen

A jewelry designer by trade and a miniature modeller at heart, Yen decided to turn his passion into his profession: starting his own online modelling-shop, in October 2016.
He formed an alliance with Argentina-based designer and lasercutter Lucas Gargoloff, making LSG Laser Kits' products available to the European public under the name LSG Europe Laser Kits. These were very  well received during the company's launch at Scale Model Challenge in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.
More alliances with independent companies run by modellers and artists followed over the succeeding months, culminating into the assortment you are free to browse to your heart's desire in this very webshop.
September 2017 saw the release of the first items marketed under our very own "premium label", predictably called Yenmodels.
More will be added to this range soon and at regular intervals... and there's more... so stay tuned :)

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stay true & happy modelling!

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