Your privacy is very important to us. The collection and processing of personal data is governed by strict conditions, enforced by the law. Every reference made in this Privacy Policy towards the ‘Privacy Act’ is to be understood as the Belgian Act of 8 December 1992 on Privacy Protection in relation to the Processing of Personal Data.

This Privacy Policy is created to inform the User of our website about our data processing and the rights of a data subject. We assume that while using the website and its services, the User has taken notice of this Privacy Policy and agreed to the collection and processing of personal information that are in accordance thereto.

Our Privacy Policy may be subject to future amendment or modification. Any such change will be clearly indicated in the Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility as a User to examine and take notification of any change made to this document; this should be done on a regular basis. Any change we deem substantial enough will besides be clearly communicated to you.

The webshop URL is an initiative of:
YENMODELS (hereafter ‘YENMODELS’ or ‘we’)
Camelialei 6
2170 Merksem
VAT-nr.: BE0661.894.742

If you have any questions or comments to make, you can contact us via:
Tel.: +32 468 15 02 00

We collect and process your personal information for one overarching goal, i.e. to offer you a safe, comfortable and personalized experience each time you visit the website. Depending on whether the user makes intensive use of the website or relies on certain services, the collection of personal data may be more extensive.
The information we collect about you is primarily processed to help us ensure the proper technical functioning of our website and the related services. Your personal data will only be processed for the following (internal) purposes:
- to allow the users to access to a user account and to make a purchase via our webshop,
- to provide and improve our (standard and customized) services, including billing and invoicing, offering information, newsletters and useful or necessary offers, collecting and processing users’ opinions, as well as providing support,
- to offer and improve our range of products; to offer personal and specific products based on the delivered information,
- to detect and offer protection against all fraud, errors and criminal behaviour on the website.
Our website collects personal data for statistical purposes.
When visiting the website of YENMODELS, some data is collected for statistical purposes. The collection of this data is necessary to optimize the efficiency of our website. This data consists of: IP address, geographic location during consultation, hours and days of consultation and the visited pages. You agree with this data collection for statistical purposes as described above when you visit the YENMODELS website.
The User is responsible for the provision of personal data to YENMODELS, and can exercise a degree of control. If certain information is incomplete or seemingly incorrect, YENMODELS reserves the right to, temporarily or permanently, postpone certain actions or orders.
Personal data are primarily processed for internal purposes within YENMODELS. This is why we can assure you that your personal data will not be sold, rent or otherwise transferred to any third party related to us. YENMODELS has taken all legal and technical precautions to prevent unauthorized access and use.

3) We use cookies!

We can store 'cookies' on your computer during a visit to this site. Cookies are essential for us in order to optimise your visit on our website. Cookies, for example, remember every technical choice you have made (e.g. language settings), and help us offer you more relevant services and suggestions.
We recommend that you enable cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone upon a visit of our website. If, however, you feel the urgent need to restrict, block or remove cookies, you can. We gladly explain you how to manage your browser settings to enable or block the use of cookies:
For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
In Internet Explorer, click on ‘Internet Options’ in the ‘Extra’ menu.
Under the ‘Privacy’ tab, set the settings to ’low’ or ‘accept all cookies’ (any setting above ‘medium’ will disable cookies).
Click on 'OK'.
For Mozilla Firefox:
Click on ‘Firefox’ in the top left corner of your browser and then select ‘Options’.
Under the ‘Privacy’ tab, make sure ‘Tell websites I do not want to be tracked’ is not ticked.
Click on ‘OK’.
For Google Chrome:
Click on ‘Extra’ in the top of your browser window and select ‘Options’.
Under the ‘Under the Hood’ tab, look for 'Privacy' and select ‘Content Settings’.
Now select ‘Allow local data to be set’.
For Safari:
Click on the Safari Menu in the top of your browser window and select ‘Preferences’.
Click on ‘Security’ and then tick the option that says: ‘Block cookies from third parties and advertisers’.
Click ‘Save’.
Or check with the help function of your internet browser. More information can be found in our Cookie Policy.

We only process your personal information as long as necessary. We do keep a record of your data as long as your account is active, or if your personal data is necessary to offer you a particular service. We promise to delete your personal data as soon as this data is no longer required for the aforementioned purposes. The deletion is comparable to deleting files on your computer using the ‘trash bin’, allowing us to recover the data to a certain extent for some time.

We, at YENMODELS, consider mutual confidence very important. That’s why we would like to ensure you that we process your personal information only for internal use. We neither rent nor sell your personal information or those of your visitors in personally identifiable form to anyone but the trusted and reputable third party processors listed hereunder.
To help us deliver our Service, we use various third party apps:

We want to make sure our website is optimal and for that we need analytics and insight. We use the following third-party web analytics services to help us understand your usage of our website and services and improve your user experience:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of this website. Google Analytics generates statistical and other information about website use by means of cookies, which are stored on users’ computers. The information generated relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of the website. Google will store this information. At no point Google stores personal information, it only stores anonymous data such as connection time, device used, location...
Google’s Privacy Policy is available at
We carefully select external service providers and review them regularly to ensure that your privacy is preserved. All such third party processors are contractually bound by us to keep your information confidential. All information provided to third party processors is used by them only to carry out the service they are providing for us.
We will not transfer your data to any other third parties without letting you know in advance or asking for your prior permission. We may only transfer your data to other third parties without informing you separately beforehand in the exceptional cases legally provided in the Privacy Act, notably when such transfer is necessary or legally required on important public interest grounds, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
In order to further develop our business, we may alter the corporate structure of YENMODELS by changing its legal form. We may also form, sell or buy subsidiaries, divisions or parts of the company. In such transactions, customer information together with the part of the company to be transferred will be passed on. Every time personal data are transferred to third parties to the extent prescribed, YENMODELS will ensure that this is done in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the relevant data protection laws.

YENMODELS is a Belgian initiative, but operates on European level. It is therefore possible for the data to be transferred to and stored in countries outside the European Economic Area. According to Article 21 of the Privacy Act, personal data can only be transferred to countries with an adequate level of protection, compared to the standards applicable in the European Union. YENMODELS guarantees that they will not transfer data to countries outside the European Economic Area, without ensuring that the country provides an adequate level of personal data protection. The data transfer will further only be done on the basis of one of the legal grounds mentioned in the Privacy Act, such as consent of the data subject.

Each user can be assured that his personal data will be processed in a fair and lawful manner. This means that the data will only be processed for the above mentioned explicit and legitimate purposes. YENMODELS also ensures that the personal data are always adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.

6.1 - Right to access

Each user who proves his identity has a right of access to all information regarding the processing of his personal data by YENMODELS, as defined in the Privacy Act. This includes information on the purposes of the processing, the categories of information processed and the categories of recipients to whom the data are provided. This Privacy Policy is a first indication.

The user shall exercise his right through a signed, written request to YENMODELS, by post or e-mail to
YENMODELS undertakes the appropriate action following a request within 15 days.
6.2 - Right to correct:
YENMODELS attaches a great importance to an accurate data collection. Inaccurate or incomplete personal data can therefore always be improved or even obliterated. Since it is impossible for us to be aware on a continuous basis of any mistakes, incompleteness or falseness of your personal data, it is up to the user to report inaccuracies or omissions and to perform the necessary adjustments where possible.
If your personal actions seem not enough, feel free to contact us using a signed, written request directed at YENMODELS performs the necessary actions within 15 days by making additions, correcting or deleting the personal data. The removal is mainly related to the visibility, so it is possible that the deleted personal data remains temporarily stored.
6.3 - Right to object
Each user can oppose the processing of his personal data. This right to object exists only if there are sufficient legitimate and weighty grounds relating to his particular situation. The exceptions provided in the Privacy Act are also applicable to this right of objection. You may at any time, free of charge and without further ado oppose the proposed processing of your personal data if those data were obtained for the purpose of direct marketing.
You are also entitled to obtain the removal and/or the ban on the use of all your personal data which have been obtained and which are incomplete or irrelevant, regarded from the view of the purpose of the processing. This is also applicable to any personal data of which the registration, disclosure, and retention are prohibited, or personal data preserved after expiry of the authorized period. This right can be used at any time, free of charge and without further justification.
You shall exercise this right through a signed, written request to YENMODELS, by post or e-mail to
YENMODELS undertakes the appropriate action following a request within 15 days.


1) What are cookies?
Cookies are little data- or text files that are placed on your local computer by websites and application. These cookies can have different objectives: you can have technical cookies (for example with language settings), session cookies (temporary cookies) and tracking cookies (cookies that monitor and track your behavior, to offer you a more optimal user experience this way).
The Belgian law concerning the electronic communication contains some provisions about cookies, and their use in websites. The Belgian implementation is derived from the European e-Privacy directive, implying that the cookie user and the cookie legislation in each European country are regulated differently. Yenmodels is an online-commerce platform that mainly focuses on the Belgian market and therefore follows the Belgian interpretation.

2) What use do these cookies have?
Yenmodels strives to inform you to the best of their abilities about the new legislation and about which cookies they use. By using the website, you agree with the use cookies. Cookies help Yenmodels to completely optimize your visit to the website, to remember technical choices (for example a language choice, a new newsletter, etcetera), and to show you more relevant services and offers.
If you want to consult the website of Yenmodels, enabling the cookies is recommended. Without the cookies being enabled, it is possible that we are not able to guarantee you a problem-free visit of the website. If you'd rather not use these cookies, you are free to disable the cookies (see also the title “How can I manage my cookies?”).
We use cookies to improve your visit on our site. The cookies that we use are safe. The information that we collect with the help of the cookies, help us to identify potential mistakes or to let you see specific services which we think that can be of use to you. It is possible that we safe information that is directly related to you. In addition we may use cookies of carefully chosen partners with whom we work together and who advertise our services on their website the websites.

3) What kind of cookies does Yenmodels use?
We use two types of cookies, namely our own functional cookies and cookies of carefully chosen partners with whom we work together and who advertise our services on their websites. The following partners will be involved:

_unam –
_utma –
_utmb –
_utmc –
_utmz –

Objective: Google Analytics: keeping track of statistics. Tracking how the user visits our site, with the aim of improving our services and webshop. These cookies are subject to the privacy policy of Google:

More information concerning the processing of personal date by Yenmodels can be found in our Privacy Statement, above.

4) How can I manage my cookies?
Ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, you need to perform the following instructions:
With browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Click on 'internet tools' in the menu 'extra'.
Click the privacy tab and move the button to 'low' or 'accept all cookies' (the setting above 'medium' switches off the cookies).
Click 'OK'.
With browser - Mozilla Firefox:
Click on 'Firefox' in the corner at the top on the left.
Click on 'Options'.
Click the privacy tab and ensure you didn't click on the button 'Let websites know I do not want te be followed'.
Click on 'OK'.
With browser - Google Chrome:
Click on ‘Extra’ at the top of your browserscreen en choose ‘Options’.
Click on the ‘Under the Hood’ tab, search for the ‘Privacy’ and select the button ‘Content settings'.
Now select ‘Allow local data to be set’.
With browser - Safari:
Choose ‘Preferences’ in the command menu (The command menu is located at the top at the right corner in the Safari-window and it looks like a gear-wheel or click on ‘Safar’ in the extensive menu).
Click on the Privacy tab. Search for the section named ‘Cookies and other website data'.
Confirm the transaction and wait for the confirmation that all of the cookies are deleted.

5) I'm not from Belgium. Is there another kind of permission necessary for my country?
It is possible that not only Belgian citizens visit the web application. Often, the EU member states implement the cookie legislation very differently. That's the reason why it's so difficult for a person to know how they need to give their permission. Yenmodels strives for a proper implementation for each EU member state as much as technically and materially possible.

6) What are my rights?
Since the use of cookies can imply the processing of personal data, you, as concerned party, have got the right to a lawful and safe processing of your personal data. As concerned party you can exercise the following rights:

  • Right to object: If there are any serious and justified reasons, you can object to the processing of your personal data.
  • Right of access: Every concerned party who proves his identity, has the right to have access to the information concerning the possible processing of his personal data, to the objectives of this processing and lastly to the categories of receivers of the personal data.
    Right to correct: At the request of the concerned party, inexact or incomplete personal data can always be corrected or erased.

The execution of these rights happens in accordance with the modalities as determined in our Privacy Statement. If you still have questions or comments after reading this cookie statement about the cookies, you can contact us via

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