I never assembled a wooden/MDF/laserboard laser-kit before. Any tips?

Our laser-kits are made of plywood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard, as used in furniture-construction) or laserboard (cardboard with a high cellulose-content, especially developed for lasercutting).

Cut the parts from the carrier-plates using a new X-acto knife.
Any filing is best done with a coarse file (cheap, disposable emery boards from the drugstore are great for this); do not use your fine files you use for metal, resin or plastic.
Use fine sandpaper, wrapped around a wooden stick, for final touch-ups.

As specified on the instruction-sheets, assemble the parts using PVA/wood-glue, applied with a brush.
PVA forms a strong bond, leaves some time for adjustment, and dries transparent.
Any seepage/spillage is easily corrected with a brush and some water.
Do not use CA-/superglue.

Wood, MDF and laserboard take all paints (acrylics/enamels/oils) very well, and can be weathered using all traditional media and techniques. 
When using water-based media on laserboard, however, take care not to over-saturate the laserboard.

Good luck and have fun!


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